What Are The Travel Rules For Spain, Portugal, Malta And Other Holiday Hotspots?

Ultimately, you must consider what you want out of your trip. Look into the specific destinations and the itinerary you’d follow in each country. All foreign tourists can now visit Greece without the need for quarantine on arrival, provided they have a negative PCR test. The government plans to declare 80 islands — including most of the country’s top tourism destinations — Covid-safe by the end of June.

If you’re http://rotarianswithaheart.com/?p=33582 already heading to the south of Spain, Cadiz makes a great day trip, and the high-speed rail network makes it easy to get around. For those less interested in the past who are considering visiting Cadiz, there’s plenty more to this city. There are several beautiful beaches, including La Caleta right in the centre.

Several restrictions imposed on travellers from countries outside the European Union and the Schengen Zone continue to be kept in place. Spain The Spanish government has announced that it has lifted some restrictions on flying from the United Kingdom to Spain’s territory after taking into account the COVID-19 situation on the latter. This would mean that travellers with the certificates would be able to enter Spain without having to produce a negative PCR test or quarantine, General secretary of Digital Health Alfredo González said on Thursday.

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U.S. citizens who plan a lengthy trip to Spain should bring enough medication for their stay or obtain a prescription for that medication from a Spanish physician. U.S. citizens visiting Spain who want to drive in Spain must obtain an international driving permit prior to their arrival in Spain. An international driving permit translates your state-issued driver’s license into 10 languages so you can show it to officials in foreign countries to help them interpret your driver’s license. The IDP is not valid by itself and must be carried with your driver’s license. Click the following link for more information on driving overseas. Should you be considering a stay in Spain longer than three months you should inquire with the Spanish embassy or consulate near your place of residence outside of Spain prior to entry.

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The section to the Plaça de Catalunya is lined with plane trees, its wide pedestrian zone flanked by a narrow road on each side. Along with its flower and bird markets, La Rambla has a number of book and newspaper stands, as well as restaurants and cafes with open-air tables. Pavement artists, street musicians, living statues, and impromptu performers all add to its lively atmosphere. The water is relatively warm on this coast, and so clear that it’s popular with divers.

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We have no specific itinerary for Portugal yet except to be in Fatima by Oct for the Fatima Centennial events. You mentioned your family likes to go out and explore at night, I think you’ll really love Barcelona for that. Hi Tara – either itinerary would be amazing, it really depends on what you’re looking to do on your trip? Between Madrid & Barcelona, I liked Barcelona a lot more as it’s a larger, vibrant city with amazing restaurants, lots of sights (mostly of Gaudi’s works) and Montserrat was very different. All of these places are must-visits, especially Sintra… and Grenada… and Madrid… I think adding the day trip to Segovia is brilliant. A very well arranged guide for the travel you have experienced.

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Spacious and featuring all the mod-cons, this self-containted apartment sleeps up to 8 people and comes with a large private balcony. It’s 1.5km from the centre of the city, and there are bicycles available to rent for a small fee. Driving in Valencia is relatively easy compared to Barcelona or Madrid, so you can stay in the city centre without having to worry too much about traffic or navigating the roads. Leaving Toledo and driving east, aim to arrive in the small town of Consuegra in the early morning before the tour buses pull in at around 10am. Let a professional guide show you around the Throne Room, Banquet Hall and Private Royal Apartments inside the Royal Palace. Coming from Bilbao, you’ll naturally pass through it – so there’s no reason not to stop off and check out two of Central Spain’s most impressive historical sights.

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However, the State Department advises American not to travel to Venezuela because of instances of arrest and detention of U.S. citizens without due process or fair trial. Travelers must show results from a negative PCR test issued within 72 hours of arrival. Those who arrive without the pretest may be subject to quarantine, possibly in a government facility, until a negative result is obtained.

Ideal for first-time visitors who want to squeeze all the highlights into one day, traveling with a personal guide lets you maximize your time and discover parts of the city you would likely miss on your own. Get your passport ready to visit three countries in one day during this private whistle-stop tour of sites in Spain, Andorra, and France from Barcelona. Discover Madrid’s vibrant culinary scene on a delicious tapas tour. Stroll through the evening-lit streets with a guide and sample delicious tapas dishes at popular restaurants while learning about the local ingredients. Treat your palette to delicious Spanish wines complemented by items like Iberian ham, salted cod, rich chickpea stew and more. To keep this experience intimate, group size is limited to 12 people.