Storage and Fulfillment

Startups looking to start and scale their operations in Amazon, Noon and other ecommerce channels in GCC

We specialize in assisting merchants in the GCC region to expand their presence across ecommerce platforms by providing comprehensive marketplace order fulfillment services. Among the prominent marketplaces in the GCC are Amazon and Noon. Whether you require storage and delivery services to these marketplaces or directly to customers


Our infrastructure is equipped to store and dispatch ecommerce orders originating from marketplaces like Amazon and Noon directly to customers or to the respective fulfillment centers of Amazon and Noon. This consolidation of inventory streamlines operations by centralizing inventory management in a single location.


Alternatively, merchants seeking to replenish inventory at Amazon and Noon warehouses can take advantage of our marketplace replenishment service. We facilitate bulk inventory preparation adhering to Amazon’s Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) and Noon’s Fulfilled By Noon (FBN) standards. Subsequently, our couriers collect the prepared orders for delivery to either an Amazon fulfillment center or a Noon fulfillment center.