ABout Us

Falsafa supports every aspect of brand growth and logistics for Health, Cosmetics, Fine Fragrances, Hair Care and Skin Care Products, to the benefit of brand owners and retailers.


In keeping with our history, our values and our singularity, we have a duty to take action and to leave a healthier, more respectful world for our children. It is our responsibility as a family business, to set an example in our quest to build a better future.


Our resilient Group is reinventing itself to project a healthy vision of the future. By fully integrating its distribution chain and developing trusting relationships with its suppliers and consumers Falsafa Group LLC has ensured its independence from the ups and downs of international markets.


“We share common values within our brands our professions, and in all our actions, both in Middle East and abroad”.


Shabbir Nagarwala

Founder – Falsafa Group LLC

Fatema Hussain

Managing Partner - Falsafa Group LLC, Health Express FZC


At Falsafa we are dedicated to navigating the intricate realm of health and personal care products with precision and expertise. With a focus on fostering lasting relationships with our customers and ensure transparency and reliability in all our endeavors.


We are the ideal long-term partner for brand owners and suppliers who want to enter new markets and value a trusted and honest partner to distribute and build their brands now and in the future.


Our distribution model is flexible and efficient with warehouse and store in Dubai and Sharjah. We store, prepare and deliver products directly to the retail, wholesale customers with trusted logistics partners.

“Join us as we pave the way for a healthier and more vibrant future together.”.