Our Story

We are an International wholesale distributors of reputed brands whose liability in business is unquestionable. Consumers are driving the need for transparency, honesty and seeking out products that not only have the efficacy behind the science but are most importantly eco-conscious, certified organic, natural and healthy for their families and themselves.

We are passionate about driving this change, by representing some truly extraordinary brands that we’ve carefully handpick with consumers in mind. We distribute our brands exclusively, and we hold the founders of these brands to our mission statement, which is to provide the most efficacious, luxurious and conscious beauty solutions available to the Middle East consumers in the market today!

Therefore, we bring together hundreds of brands and suppliers under our channel, allowing you to shop through a single atelier and simplifying your Health, Beauty and Personal Care shopping experience.

We have our E-Commerce stores by the name Meraki Deals, Health Express and Co and Falsafa Trading LLC in all the below leading pltforms in United Arab Emirates, India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Kindom.

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